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Best Life Online 6-Week Nutrition Program By Cassa Health
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Are you someone who has tried multiple diets, exercises for months at a time and then takes months at a time off, or has fluctuated in weight significantly through the years?  Do you find yourself always struggling to find a happy medium and maintain your weight and level of fitness?  If this sounds like you, we have the answer.

How does it work?
The Best Life Online Nutrition Program by Cassa Health, Fitness and Wellness will help you to reach your goals and maintain them by working with you to make small changes one step at a time in your daily routines, that will ultimately lead to a lifestyle change you can maintain. The program is completely customized to you based on your current lifestyle, your abilities, goals and needs.  

Why is this program different than others?
We, at Cassa Health, feel that it is necessary to take a holistic approach when working with clients. It can't be done alone through fitness or nutrition so our approach encompasses both. We will provide you with education, support, motivation, guidance and direction and truly be on this journey by your side.  We feel that in order for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you first need to learn about the areas in your life that you could make changes to, learn how to do it, and most importantly how to maintain it

What does the program include?
The program starts out with you completing a comprehensive questionnaire to help us better understand your current lifestyle. Then we will begin the 6 week program which includes the following:

  • Educational information on nutrition customized to you
  • Suggested recipes and shopping lists for healthy dinners (3 per week) based on your food preferences
  • A list of healthy breakfast ideas
  • A list of healthy lunch ideas
  • A list of healthy snack ideas
  • Suggested at home workouts
  • Weekly healthy habits to start incorporating into your lifestyle
  • Access to a private Facebook page which will contain additional recipe ideas, fitness ideas, tips and other relevant information
  • A weekly 30 minute phone call or Skype session to check in with you about your progress, answer any questions you may have or tweak something in your current program
  • A Cassa Health t-shirt mailed to you
  • Unlimited email support
  • Discounted personal training sessions (if you are local) either in your home, in your office or at Anytime Fitness in Groton (you don't have to be a member)

The program is not meant for people who are looking for a quick fix.  It will require dedication, accountability, perseverance, and a true desire to change.  We hope that you will join us on this journey and build the healthy lifestyle that you deserve!

WHEN:      6 week session. Sign up at any time (no more than 6 participants at one time)
WHERE:    Virtual! The program is all online and over the phone
COST:        $225 (10% discount for returning clients)


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Best Life Online Nutrition 6 Week Program
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