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The Roadmap To Wellness

The Importance Of Wellness In Your Business Community:
It has been well documented that employee wellness programs are key factors to creating a healthier workforce. Simply put, a healthier workforce is a happier, more productive workforce. When the culture of a corporation is focused on the overall wellness of it's employees, everyone wins. Staff members feel better, perform better, and are better able to reach personal health and fitness goals. Employers see decreased health care costs, fewer sick days, and a positive change to the atmosphere within the office.
On-Site Wellness Programming can fall into any category; personalized fitness training, nutritional counseling and guidance, preventative healthcare screenings, informational workshops, group exercise classes, and open fitness center time. 
Any combination of these offerings provide an opportunity for everyone to educate and take care of themselves in an easy accessible manner.  Cassa Health does this by offering your company and employees The Roadmap To Wellness.

At Cassa Health, Fitness and Wellness we take a holistic approach to helping people build healthy lifestyles.  Through our Roadmap To Wellness Program, we provide everything from nutrition and stress relief workshops, to fitness classes and even flu clinics, where we work with our clients to customize a program that best fits their needs and the needs of their employees.  Not only will we provide the tools for your employees to succeed, but we’ll also help you with employee engagement to make your program a success!

We suggest starting with a 12 month program with a workshop/fitness class once a month to engage employees and keep them on track. However, we can customize the program to give you more or less than that depending on your needs.  You know your employees best, so do what works for you! 

In addition to the workshops and classes, we’ll provide you with handouts, check-ins, email templates, and contests to deliver to your employees between our meetings.  This will help to keep them engaged and keep them accountable.  CONTACT US TODAY for an example of a 12 month program and costs which we can then customize to you. You’re just one step away from providing your employees with the ultimate bonus … their health.

Sample Types of Fitness Classes:
  • Strength Training Safely
  • Couch to 5K Training Plans
  • Beginner Bootcamp
  • Getting to the CORE fitness class
  • Stretching and Flexibility
  • Yoga
  • and more ...
Sample Types of Workshops Offered:

  • The Office Stretch Class: simple stretches and movements that will keep you active throughout the workday and help you avoid the "sitting disease"
  • Nutrition: Reading labels and ingredient lists
  • Meditation and Stress Relief Workshop
  • Macronutrients vs Micronutrients: What are they and what do I  need to know?
  • Business Travel: How to stay healthy and fit while on the road
  • The Healthy Dinner Party
  • and more ....

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