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 “My health and happiness have completely transformed during the past 10 months with Scott Cassa as my personal trainer.  I have lost over 100 pounds (in the first 7 months) and so many inches our jaws sometimes dropped to the floor.

 Every workout with Scott is tailored to my abilities.  He knows just how hard I can be pushed and when to slow me down – a great balance.  Every workout is new and different.  Scott has also given me guidance on my running training, helping to see me through the strategies and stretches needed to run my first two 5Ks – and I’m in training for my first 10K.  I never imagined I would be a runner!

 I can’t say enough about Cassa Health and look forward to working with the whole Cassa crew on future classes and nutritional counseling.  I used to spend all my time on the treadmill watching the guys lift weights.  Now I can hold my own, using any of the equipment in the gym (and feeling like I could run circles around a lot of these tough guys)!”
- Valerie Kosick, Groton, MA

Scott has been my personal trainer as early as 5:30 am and as late as 7:30pm.  He has been consistently enthusiastic and encouraging.  He recognizes peoples' potential and helps them to push themselves to meet it.  He has always provided workouts that challenge and keep me interested.  His positive attitude and encouraging personality are strengths. All that coupled with his knowledge of fitness and strength training, he will be an asset to any client.
- Abby Berry, Chelmsford , MA
First and foremost in today's day and age, there are more personal trainers than ever. With that being said, may I say Scott Cassa has set the bar very high ---- not only for himself but most importantly for the clients he trains. Scott falls into the "exceptional" category. Scott possesses an incredible level of integrity and compassion for the health and well-being of his clients , not to mention excellent people skills. Scott is a terrific motivator, educator, and understands the process of change. In addition to his knowledge of human physiology and nutrition, he continues to learn and stay on top of current fitness trends.Scott not only talks the talk BUT he walks the walk....ask him about Mt. Washington!You can trust that he will help you achieve your goals in a safe and effective manner.
- Gina Rios, Groton, MA
I asked Scott for help with nurtitional counseling after I had lost some weight on my own. I had plateaued and was hoping to learn how to eat better. Scott came to my house after having me take a food questionnaire. He talked to me about real food and making good food choices. Scott never made me feel bad about the choices I had been making but encouraged me to move forward in my healthier life style. He gave me some really yummy recipes that my entire family now counts among their favorites. Scott's enthusiasm and positive encouragement really helped me to be a healthier me.
-Mardi Hutchinson, Concord, MA
The professionalism of the Cassa Health team drives me to stay focused both during and outside of our training sessions.  As a personal training client of Scott’s I have most appreciated his valuable guidance on nutrition and fitness activities that promote my personal goals.
-Jean Fielding, Concord, MA