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Should I try a detox or NOT?

I have a lot of friends. Most of them pay close attention to their health and wellness. For some, this means doing twice yearly (or more) “detoxes” or “cleanses”. I will admit that it is hard to resist the allure of the weight loss, clear skin, lost inches, shiny hair, high energy, fingernail growth, increased bust size, men-flock-to-you type of reward that comes with these cleanses, but I feel I need to set the record straight. It’s bullcrap. What kind of a “cleanse” sells you packaged and processed foods to eat? Are they “clean” chemicals? I’m confused *and sarcastic. Detoxification is something your body – namely your liver – is doing all the time. Our lives are full of chemicals, allergens and other excessive gunk like hormones in our meat and dairy, parabens in our skin care and the list goes on. We also make our own share of garbage from our normal metabolic processes. Daily, we need to clean house. All of us. Think of your detox capacity like a bucket that’s being filled up from the top with garbage, and there’s a release valve at the bottom. How efficiently you’re able to keep the bucket empty depends on the rate at which you’re filling it up (exposure) and how quickly you can empty it (detox capacity).   Your rate of filling up your toxic bucket depends on how clean your diet is, your exposure to chemicals and toxins and how hard your metabolism is working. Your rate of cleaning out the bucket depends on the health of your digestion and the capacity of your liver to clear this garbage out. Okay, so now we know why we need to detox and how our bodies do it. So where do the juices and cleanses come in? Honestly, they don’t need to come in at all. All natural detoxes (fruits, veggies and water) can have just as fabulous a benefit on your bodies as the over-priced, torturous ones. To aid in digestion, pop a probiotic, think about removing gluten, add lots and lots of fruits, veggies, fresh herbs and spices and a few healthy fats (nuts, oils). In the beginning for a true “detox” feel, avoid dairy, poultry, red meat and anything processed; just stick to fish, eggs and nuts for your protein. Lose the booze and lose the caffeine, work out for at least 5 hours a week and feel yourself become energized and more clean-headed in a matter of days. This is NOT a diet nor is it a way I would ever suggest to responsibly eat. It is, however, a gentle and free way to flush out your body efficiently in order to feel good and energized over a few days. Detoxing with actual food (seems strange, I know), is actually a really important to cleanse because once you omit certain things from your diet and subsequently reintroduce them, it is really easy to see what is making you break out, bloated, gassy (insert symptom here). So, before you jump on the crazy detox craze bandwagon, think twice about going all natural with your food, eating from the earth and seeing how a genuine detox makes you feel from the inside out.

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Think of your detox capacity like a bucket that’s being filled up from the top with garbage, and there’s a release valve at the bottom.
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Your rate of topping off your lethal can relies on upon how clean your eating regimen is, your introduction to chemicals and poisons and how hard your digestion system is functioning.
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