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No More Whack Snacks!

Post workout, I usually find myself sweaty and maybe even slightly nauseated- but within an hour, you

can find me standing in front of my cupboard and my open refrigerator reaching and picking and shoving

into my mouth. Well, this only happens sometimes but it most certainly happens after a hard workout

when I have not properly prepared myself for the sudden deficiencies my body is working against and

craving food. NOW. Anyone who trains hard needs carbohydrates to fuel your muscles- preferably ones

that are rich in fiber, protein, and good-for-you fats that will keep your energy up and your stomach

satisfied. These can be found in SOME protein or premade bars (I am not typically a supporter of

these bars, but some are okay: Kind bars and Larabars are preferential) but even better, find a snack

that provides these nutrients without other added stuff. Have it premade so that you aren’t noshing

mindlessly while prepping it. I suggest something like a combination of quinoa (just half a cup), raw

veggies and cooked chicken breast.

Protein shakes are a sort of a middle of the road snack, but if you are focusing on strength training and

muscle building, a whey based protein shake is a good option. Greek yogurt is a great alternative to this;

The whey and casein combination in Greek yogurt means you’re getting a mix of fast- and slow-digesting

proteins, which provide muscle-building amino acids during your workout. Aim for 20 grams of protein

in your yogurt.

When you are sweating and really challenging muscles, fruit can also help fuel you through workouts

by providing much-needed carbs to your muscles and brain so your body doesn’t dip into your liver

glycogen stores to recruit energy. Fruit has lots of water in it to help rehydrate and pairing it with pure

protein like an egg will aid in muscle repair. Studies now show that the fatty acids are very helpful in

inflammatory damage caused by exercise. If you are doing a super strenuous workout, load up on the

eggs and think about adding something with vitamin C, which helps build cartilage.

One under-used snack that I suggest to runners is chocolate milk. This treat actually pulls its weight in

helping the body rehydrate, fill up on protein and offers sugar, a fast carb that’s beneficial in restoring

glycogen post-workout. Just don’t overdo it. This is a fun snack, not a daily one. Only if you’re running

close to marathon distances do you need other sources of protein like “goo”. I ran a very short race

recently and saw hundreds of people downing bags of grape nuts post-race. For a 5k, it just isn’t

necessary to “carbo load”.

These snack ideas all come from one similar theory: that natural grains, fruits that are low on the

glycemic index (berries, kiwi) and high protein foods (almonds, eggs) are essential in fueling, repairing

and building your body the right way. Be creative in your choices and think about choosing from the

rainbow of fruits and vegetables. The (snack) world awaits!

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A Pizza Mart - Downtown on Saturday, June 28, 2014 10:05 AM
Great snack ideas! Very much useful for body builders and runners. Thanks for the detailed Article.
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Anonymous on Friday, December 30, 2016 11:51 PM
Reply to comment on Sunday, June 24, 2018 2:52 PM
I really like your tips about health. I will definitely follow these tips to stay healthy. Everyone should follow these healthy tips to stay fit.
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