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No Gym Membership, No Problem!

No gym membership? No problem! Well, I don’t totally believe this, but I do think that it doesn’t have to be a huge problem or an excuse to avoid working out altogether. While gyms have lots of equipment, it doesn’t need to be limited to this; and often, even the most advanced equipment only can be used to focus on one muscle group. If you are too swamped to get to your gym or to a place with equipment, there are lots of bodyweight workouts you can do on your own to supplement the hard work you do with weights or other equipment. Here, I will introduce you to some bodyweight movements that I think are most efficient; for building strength and muscle. I suggest doing this in a circuit, mostly for time (IE :35 seconds each) with only minimal rest between each exercise. This is proof that you can hit every muscle without any weight but your OWN!
  1. Pushups. If you know me, you know that I love pushups. They are that effective and beneficial and pose a lot less risk of injury than the other options.  Once you have mastered the basic pushup, it is worth trying some variations, the steep incline suspended pushup, ball pushup, or the TRX pushup.
  2. Hand crawling. Any bodyweight crawl will hit the abs hard, as well as the shoulders, back and legs (less if you are up against a wall). The bear crawl should be done without sagging in the mid-section.
  3. Split squat. The spilt squat is great isolation for the legs. Facing forward, elevate one leg on a chair or bench behind you. With all of your weight in the planted foot, perform a full squat, pressing into the heel as you come up.
  4. Plank and side plank. On your forearms or on your hands, the plank helps with core strength front all around and is crucial if you are pushing up heavy weights. Be sure to keep the core pulled in and do not sag in the mid section. For an added challenge, try “dipping” with the side plank or performing it with a reach-under rotation.
  5. Pull-ups. Pull ups are a great challenge to work up to and can be varied in many ways if you find yourself mastering them. When I have beginners I put them under a bar and have them practice from a low bar, only a couple of feet from the floor so their feet are on the ground.
  6. One legged bridge. This is the perfect at-home way to build up the glutes and hamstrings.  Lie with your knees bent, arms and heels on the floor. Push down through your heels and squeeze your glutes to raise your body to form a straight line from your knees to shoulders. Bring your right knee to your chest while still squeezing the bum. Hold for a one second count, bring feet back to the floor and perform with the opposite leg.
  7. Prisoner squats. These are non-weight bearing squats with the hands clasped behind the head, elbows and shoulders back and chest sticking out. Form in your squat is super important here; navel pulled back, bring the back door ALL THE WAY to the floor, pressing in the heels to stand up after the squat.
  8. Mountain climber. Mountain climbers challenge the full body and get that heart pumping. Youre starting in a push up position with arms straight. You are raising right knee all the way up to right elbow and then back to starting position. Followed by left knee to left elbow and so on. This is for speed!
  9. Lunge jumps. Here is another one for the legs that also aims to get the heart rate up for maximum burn. Stand with your feet together, arms bent by your sides, and lunge forward with your right foot. Jump straight up off the floor, swinging your arms forward, switching legs in midair, like a scissor. Land in a lunge with your left leg forward. Aim for at least 30 seconds.
  10. Dips. Ideally, you are doing these from parallel bars, feet not on the floor. But to start, you need to master the floor dips from a chair or bench. To begin, place your hands flat on a bench or chair behind you, and lower yourself until your butt nearly touches the floor. Lower yourself over the count of 3 seconds. Breathe out as you push yourself back up. As you improve, move to straight legs, then one leg elevated, then both legs on another chain in front of you.

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