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MONDAY MOTIVATION: Turning Negativity into Positivity

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Turning Negativity into Positivity

Ever find yourself saying negative things about your fitness status or scolding yourself for eating something you "shouldn't have"?  Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves that it sets us back and makes it harder to achieve our goals.  However, if you turn your negative thoughts into positive ones, it can have a profound effect on achieving your goals. 

For example, let's say Monday morning rolls around and you are feeling pretty sluggish because you ate some bad food during the Oscar's and had a couple of glasses of wine.  Instead of scolding yourself and feeling down in the dumps about it, use it as motivation for the week.  Turn the negative thoughts into, "I allowed myself to eat some not so healthy foods on Sunday so I am going to get back on track with my clean eating for the week and pack my lunch each day."  It doesn't have to be super complicated, rather just something to turn a negative thought into a positive one.  

Or maybe you have negative thoughts in the gym when you can't do something. Maybe your goal was to run for 30 minutes and you could only do 20.  Instead of being mad at yourself, be proud that you did 20, think about why you had to stop there (did you fuel up for your workout, did you get enough rest, are you having any aches/pains that need to be addressed?), and then make a plan for the next time you attempt to run 30 minutes.  Maybe you need to fuel up better before your run and next time shoot for 22 minutes instead of 30.  Sometimes we set our goals to high and then feel like a failure when we don't reach them.  I always tell people, start with baby steps! One small achievement can motivate you to reach the next one and before you know it, you accomplished your long-term goal!

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