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July Basic Fitness Knowlege Quiz Results

Last month we asked you some basic questions to test your fitness knowlege when it comes to cardio and strength exercises and routines.  Here are the results from the quiz.  

Question 1: You are likely not physically fit if you:
A - Become short of breath after walking a short distance
B - Tire quickly when doing every day tasks such as house cleaning, yard work, etc.
C - Feel tired most of the day
D - All of the above

Answer: D
This one was pretty easy and all the respondants got this one correct.  Being physcially fit is not only important for your health, but it can also make you feel better on a daily basis!

Question 2: True or False - The more intense the exercise is, the better it is for you.

Answer: False
This is defintely not true and in some cases higher intensity exercise can be harmful and dangerous for some people. It's ok to push yourself and feel a little uncomfortable at times, but everyone has limitations and you need to be sure you take those into consideration with any exercise routine. All respondants got this one correct as well!

Question 3: True or False - Women should avoid lifting weights if they don't want to bulk up

Answer: False
This is a common misconception although we didn't fool you as everyone got it correct! Muscle actually helps to burn fat so lifting weights is a great way to help you lose weight and become more fit.  It is actually pretty hard for a woman to bulk up due to the amount natural testosterone a woman produces.

Question 4: True or False - Exercise can help you sleep better

Answer: True
Everyone seems to know about sleep here which is great news! The reasoning behind this phenomenon is that when you work out your body temperature is elevated and then there is a dip after your workout which can make you sleepy. So timing your workout is everything here!  If you have sleep problems try a late afternoon workout for a good night's sleep!

Question 5: How many cardio workouts should you aim for per week if you are a beginner exerciser?
A - Start with 2-3 days of moderate exercise such as brisk walking and progressively increase to 5 days
B - Start with 1-2 days of intense exercise
C - Exercise 7 days per week at low intensity

Answer: A - Start with 2-3 days of moderate exercise such as brisk walking and progressively increase to 5 days
Although getting some form of exercise is great 7 days a week, if you are consistently staying at a low intensity, you are missing out on some of the health benefits.  With a moderate or high intensity workout, not only do you burn calories while you are working out, but you also burn them after your workout during EPOC or exercise post oxygen consumption. This is when your body naturally returns to homeostasis which can take some time and burns calories while doing so! Great job on this question with all correct answers as well!

Question 6: To avoid plateau's how often should you change up your exercise program?
A - Every week
B - Every 2-4 weeks
C - Every 2 months
D - Every 6 months

Answer: B - Every 2-4 weeks
While half of you got this one correct, the other half was split between C and D.  In actuality, your body will adjust to a routine usually within a 2-4 week range, sometimes up to 6 weeks.  It varies by person  but generally speaking, you'll want to change the frequency, time, intensity or type of exercises within this timeframe to keep your body guessing and changing.

A big thank you to all who participated in this QUIZ.  We hope you enjoyed it.  Look for our August quiz on identifying muscle groups!

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