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Partner Motivation Survey Results

In last month's survey we asked about how much you and your partner motivate each other to workout and eat healthy.  About half of you said that you and your partner run or take classes together sometimes and the other half said you don't at all. Most of you said that you and your partner sometimes motivate each other to work out. When it comes to healthy eating, most of you said that your partner poses a negative influence on you.  

Although we certainly understand how it is easy to get into bad habits when you have someone doing it with you, it is also very motivating and reassuring to have someone pushing you when you need it most and catching you when you fall.

December Quiz Results: Weight Loss Myths

In last month's quiz, we asked you about some popular weight loss myths that we hear on a regular basis.  There is so much information and so many opinions out there, sometimes it's hard to keep track, but overall, you did pretty well!  Here are the results:

Question 1: True or False? Steady state low intensity exercise for a longer period of time will help you lose more weight than shorter duration moderate intensity exercise because it burns more fat.
Answer: False
While low intensity exercise can actually help burn more fat than high intensity, the total caloric burn will be higher in the later situation (shorter duration moderate-high intensity exercise).

November QUIZ: Thanksgiving Foods Nutritional Values

In this last month's quiz, we asked how well you knew the nutritional values of some of the popular foods on Thanksgiving.  It becomes pretty eye opening when you really break it down as to how much we typically eat on Thanksgiving!  Here are the answers:

Question 1: In a portion size of about 3.5 ounces of white meat turkey without skin (about the size of a deck of cards) what is the approximate nutritional breakdown?
Answer: 175 calories, 6 grams of fat, 30 grams of protein. About 66% of you got this one right!

October QUIZ results: Gut Health

Turns out most of you know a decent amount about Gut Health! It's an important subject and can make a big difference in your digestion and how your body absorbs nutrients. Here's the results:

Question: What is the gut microbiome?
Answer:A community of bacteria that form a mini-ecosystem in our stomachs.  You all got 100% correct on this one!

Question:  What percent of all cells in the human body are bacterial cells?
Answer:70%  - Only a little over half of you got this one correct.

AUGUST QUIZ: Do you know which muscles groups are where?

Last month's Quiz was about how well you could identify muscles and where they are located.  Here are the overall results!

Question 1:Where is your brachialis muscle located?
A: In your arm!The brachialis muscle is the long and strong muscle in your upper arm that helps to flex your elbow. Only 20% of respondents got this one correct!

Question 2:Where is your gastrocnemius muscle located?
A: In your calf!While the sound of the word might seem like it should be in your abdomen (as more than half of you thought), it is actually the most prominent muscle in your calves!

July Basic Fitness Knowlege Quiz Results

Last month we asked you some basic questions to test your fitness knowlege when it comes to cardio and strength exercises and routines.  Here are the results from the quiz.  

Question 1: You are likely not physically fit if you:
A - Become short of breath after walking a short distance
B - Tire quickly when doing every day tasks such as house cleaning, yard work, etc.
C - Feel tired most of the day
D - All of the above

Answer: D
This one was pretty easy and all the respondants got this one correct.