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Partner Workouts

Partner Motivation Survey Results

In last month's survey we asked about how much you and your partner motivate each other to workout and eat healthy.  About half of you said that you and your partner run or take classes together sometimes and the other half said you don't at all. Most of you said that you and your partner sometimes motivate each other to work out. When it comes to healthy eating, most of you said that your partner poses a negative influence on you.  

Although we certainly understand how it is easy to get into bad habits when you have someone doing it with you, it is also very motivating and reassuring to have someone pushing you when you need it most and catching you when you fall.

Workout of the Week: Partner Workout

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: Partner Workout
Workouts are just more fun when you do them together! Grab a partner, friend, or family member or and get ready for this high intensity cardio workout.  You’ll need some stairs or a step, a resistance band and a kettlebell (or one heavy weight).

Each circuit will be 4 minutes long.  One person will start with A and one person with B.  Whenever the person doing part B is done, you switch.  You continuing switching until the 4 minutes is up.  Take a 1 minute break in between and then move onto the next circuit.