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Summer workouts

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: Simple No-Brainer Station Workout

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: Simple No-Brainer Station Workout

If you’ve ever had one of those days where you want to get a great workout in, but just don’t want to think about it, then keep this one in your back pocket for a simple, no-brainer effective workout!

Warm up with a 5 jog, cycle, elliptical, etc. and then some windmills, arm circles and leg swings.

Do 45 seconds of each exercise with a 15 second rest between then a 1 minute rest between sets. Repeat the entire thing once.

Set #1:
Frog leaps
One leg weighted deadlifts

Workout of the Week: Full Body HIIT Workout #1

Workout of the Week: Full Body HIIT Workout #1

Looking for a quick high-intensity workout to elevate your heart rack, burn calories and fat and be done in 20-30 minutes?  HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is great way to do just that. 

Each Interval is 30 seconds on and 15 seconds rest.  You’ll do the same cardio exercise throughout (or feel free to switch it up if you want) in between every strength exercise.

  • Warm up with a 5 minute warm up
  • Do some active stretching such as arm circles, knee raises, side to side lunges, and windmills

Workout of the Week: Partner Workout

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: Partner Workout
Workouts are just more fun when you do them together! Grab a partner, friend, or family member or and get ready for this high intensity cardio workout.  You’ll need some stairs or a step, a resistance band and a kettlebell (or one heavy weight).

Each circuit will be 4 minutes long.  One person will start with A and one person with B.  Whenever the person doing part B is done, you switch.  You continuing switching until the 4 minutes is up.  Take a 1 minute break in between and then move onto the next circuit.

Workout of the Week: Intermediate Level Workout

Workout of the Week: Intermediate Level Workout

As the beginner exerciser becomes more advanced (see last week’s Back to Basics Workout), this workout will take you to the next level.  While similar in structure, this workout will challenge your stabilization muscles, which will target your core and challenge your muscles in a new way.  Structured but continuous change will continue to help you progress in your workouts.  Try this 3 times per week for 4 weeks and then get ready for the advanced level (coming soon).

Beach Workout With the Kids!


Are you headed to the beach this weekend or taking a beach vacation soon? It's easy to use the excuse that "I'm on vacation" as a reason to not workout, but you can think of this beach "workout" as a fun activity to do with the kids while you're basking in the sun! 

Red light/Green light
This is sort of a game/suicide sprint activity that you can do with your kids.  Let them go first.  Tell them to "GO" and have them run as far as you feel comfortable and then yell "STOP" (or Green light / Red light) and then have them run back.